NAF | A cappella
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A cappella

A cappella


Date: TBC
Time: TBC
Venue: TBC


This workshop is to introduce people to the process of creating melodious music through the effective use of our vocal capabilities and how do we go about doing so. It is also a platform to expose more people to a cappella music!

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Recently officiated under NTU’s Cultural Activities’ Club, NTU Harmonix is a vibrant and thriving family with members who have the passion to share their love for music using only their voices. Harmonix has been working towards bringing a different sound to the college community as well as the local A cappella scene.


With the blend of different personalities and colorful vocals, they strive to showcase a coherent and sophisticated sound and sensational harmonies to engage and entertain audience. Today, we continue working hard to bring quality music to not just our school, but also aim to establish ourselves locally in Singapore.