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About Beyond

Nanyang Arts Festival 2019 sets an eminent stage for students to showcase their artistic endeavours, in an effort to cast a spotlight on the Arts – all these through an all-encompassing programme featuring Performances, Exhibitions, Workshops and Featured Events.

Join us as we illuminate NTU’s Arts scene with a new ray of light, across the months of February and April.

Download our Festival Guide here!

Beyond Ourselves

What is your ordinary and how are you confined by it? We are testing the boundaries of technical mastery and artistic expression. NAF 2019 plans to push performers to step out of their comfort zones with featured pieces that go beyond entertainment value, possibly bringing light to societal issues.

Beyond the Surface

The impact of Nanyang Arts Festival extends beyond its period of festivities. This year, we aim to expose the diversity of the arts to the NTU community and beyond. NAF is a celebration of the Arts and the student body behind its success: those who dare showcase their work, those who appreciate it, and those who support it.

Beyond just a Festival; A Celebration of the Arts

With every art piece, there is more than meets the eye. During the 2-month festival, we invite students to delve beyond scraping the surface of an art form; we hope that active involvement and participation can allow students to explore the intricacies and sentiments that lie beyond.