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About Ascend

NTU Arts Festival 2020 sets an eminent stage for students to showcase their artistic endeavours, in an effort to cast a spotlight on the Arts – all these through an all-encompassing programme featuring PerformancesWorkshops and Featured Events.

Join us as we illuminate NTU’s Arts scene with a new ray of light, across the months of February and April.

Download our Festival Guide here!

Ascend from Beyond

NAF’s theme this year is Ascend. A theme focusing on progressing forward and building on last theme Beyond. Beyond was about pushing people to take the first step out of their boundary and Ascend will push them further up by providing them with the required platforms (such as advanced workshop & masterclasses). It is also the maturing phase of NAF where we take a leap towards our long term vision of representing NTU arts culture in the local arts scene as we aim to increase the artistic intelligence of NTU’s community and the importance of arts in the society.