NAF | Cantemus XXIX
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Cantemus XXIX

by NTU CAC Choir
Date: TBC
Time: TBC
Venue: TBC
Ticket Price: TBC

The NTU Cultural Activities Club Choir has been organising its annual concert, Cantemus (English: “To sing”), since its inception in 1989. Since then, we have performed a wide variety of choral pieces, ranging from sacred renaissance music to more contemporary arrangements, and have entertained both local and international audiences.


This academic year’s concert will follow the theme of “Luctor et Emergo”, which means “I struggle and emerge”. The concert will highlight the story of a person’s battle through life; of struggle, yearning, and how we eventually become braver and stronger through it all. The choir will portray this tale to the audience using a diverse repertoire of choral music, showcasing a spectrum of different genres and varying moods.



Since its birth in 1989, NTU CAC Choir has entertained local and international audiences. The choir is remarkably cosmopolitan, comprised of individuals who share a passion for music and singing. This love for music is shared with local audiences through the choir’s annual concert, Cantemus (English: “To sing”).

Other than singing choral music, the NTU CAC Choir also sings a variety of other music genres, ranging from a capella, modern, to pop. These songs are performed on many different occasions, such as during the carolling season in December, school performances, and external events.