NAF | Hourglass VI
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Hourglass VI

by Jazz and Blues
Date: TBC
Time: TBC
Venue: TBC
Ticket Price: TBC

For the sixth year running, NTU CAC Jazz and Blues returns to the big stage with our flagship concert, Hourglass VI: Something Nice, Something __________. Under the tutelage of local jazz musicians Joshua Wan and Eugenia Yip from The Steve McQueens, this production showcases a year’s worth of our musicians’ musical growth, improvement, and ultimately flourishing. Combining musical talents from across three different bands, expect to be treated to a diverse range of tunes from jazz, blues, and other related genres. Join us for a wonderful night of music and fun on the 8th March 2019 at the NUS UCC Theatre.


NTU CAC Jazz and Blues

Formally incepted in 2005, we from NTU CAC Jazz and Blues have made these genres our passion. Honing our skills, we strive to bring the best music we can provide. Playing music that hearkens back to the early 20th century to modern numbers, we offer a myriad of songs in our repertoire. Our genres include, but are not limited to, jazz, blues, funk, contemporary funk, bebop, etc.

NTU CAC Jazz and Blues has always been attempting to push our boundaries since our formal inception. Taking on increasingly challenging numbers each year, we push on more and more. If you are looking for music that swings like barn doors, or music that pushes a musician to one’s absolute limit, look no further.

NTU CAC Jazz and Blues have often performed for major school events such as Freshmen Welcome Ceremony, CelebrateNTU!, Oktoberfest and Alumni Homecoming; just to name a few. We also have our annual concert series, dubbed Hourglass, which we put on for the NTU audience and the public to enjoy.