NAF | MJ Hip Hop
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MJ Hip Hop

MJ Hip Hop


Date: TBC
Time: TBC
Venue: TBC


Have you ever wanted to try dancing to Hip Hop genres? NTU CAC is hosting a Hip Hop 101 workshop for anyone who is keen to learn Hip Hop! Conducted by our dance club’s dance captain, Ling Kai, he will be going through the basics of hip hop and sharing a short choreography with everyone.

Conducted by:

NTU MJ Hip Hop Dance Club


NTU MJ Hip Hop Dance Club, also known as MJ, originally started out from Modern Jazz. Over the years and evolution of their members, they have come to adopt Hip Hop as their primary genre of dance.


Dedicated in being a family, they strive to unite its members through the passion of dance and performing.