NAF | NTU Campus Art Trail (Guided Tour)
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NTU Campus Art Trail (Guided Tour)


Date: 12 Mar 2019 (Tue)
Time: 1400-1600
Venue: NTU Yunnan Garden Campus


Date: 20 Mar 2019 (Wed)
Time: 1530-1730
Venue: NTU Yunnan Garden Campus

The Campus Art Trail consists of more than 40 artworks, created by the NTU Community and other artists.


Join NTU Museum and our volunteer guides to take a stroll around NTU’s North Spine, The Arc, Nanyang Auditorium and the Experimental Medicine Building and learn more about these hidden gems. You will also receive a limited edition Campus Art Trail map and a bookmark with the QR code to download the full ebook version of NTU Campus Art Trail.


Visit NTU Museum‘s page for more information on the exhibits.