NAF | Painting with Watercolour
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Painting with Watercolour

Painting with Watercolours


Date: TBC
Time: TBC
Venue: TBC


This workshop aims to highlight the beauty and ephemeral qualities of watercolour painting. You will be progressively taught various techniques to achieve different results. There will be an emphasis on hands-on practice as well as keynotes on how to appreciate the visual qualities of watercolour paintings. You will first be taught basic drawing and paintings skills, after which encouraged to take a more experimental and gestural approach to watercolour painting.

Conducted by:

NIE Visual and Performing Arts Academic Group


The NIE Visual and Performing Arts Academic Group offers programmes at degree, diploma, postgraduate diploma and graduate (coursework and research) levels which aim to provide student and serving teachers with theory and methodology for designing and conducting Arts education lessons in either primary or secondary schools.


The programmes are designed to upgrade and update student and serving teachers’ Arts knowledge and experience through practical studio sessions and theoretical seminars, so they can function effectively as Arts educators. We offer courses in arts education that ensure that as a teacher and as an arts practitioner, learning the arts and learning in the arts develop intelligence, confidence and innovation. Therefore teaching the Visual Arts, Music and Drama can be an exciting way to develop young people and nurture their talent and interest.