NAF | Salsa Dance
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Salsa Dance

Salsa Dance


Date: TBC
Time: TBC
Venue: TBC



Come join us for a fun-filled session to learn more about Salsa dance! We will be teaching you some of the basic and social moves, and with these moves, you can easily enjoy yourself at any social dance night!

No prior experience is needed. Come dressed in comfortable clothing for dancing (e.g. covered shoes, shirts and pants). We can’t wait to share our love for Salsa with you!

Conducted by:

Salsa En Sync


Salsa En Sync is just like the Salsa sauce– our dance moves are hot, spicy and makes you want more!
Upbeat and sassy, Salsa is a street Latin dance that features extraordinary partner-work, intricate footwork, complicated turn patterns and body movements. Not forgetting the myriad of stunts and tricks which makes it a dance that never fails to wow its audience! (Think Street Dance 2, and the world-renowned Karen y Ricardo!)


The En Sync performance team train tirelessly to stage quality and exciting performances. Since our humble beginnings in 2006, the club have shone in various national and international shows and competitions, such as the annual Singapore International Latin Festival and Inter-Tertiary Salsa Competition. Most of our members have no prior dance experience, but grew to love the dance with a passion. Many even continue their Salsa journey with external professional Salsa performance teams after graduation!