NAF | The Committee
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The Committee


Our two ex-officios work tirelessly to advise and guide the NAF team on the right track. There is no question to their commitment to the festival’s success!

Top 5

Leading a 30-men team is never easy, but these five individuals bravely took on the role of Top 5! They serve as pillars of support for the NAF committee, as we strive hard to make this event a success.


The brains behind the event segments, our programmers work day and night to ensure the smooth planning and execution of our activities.

Business Managers

Our source of money, and more! These are the warriors who work tirelessly to secure our wonderful goodie bag items and external funding.

Publicity & Publications

Without them, our event wouldn’t be known! Our P&P team publicises our event NTU-wide via both online platforms and thoughtfully-designed physical materials.