NAF | Typography (Calligraphy)
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Typography (Calligraphy)

Typography (Calligraphy)


Date:  3th April 2020 (Friday) & 8th April 2020 (Wednesday)
Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Venue: The Hive (LHS TR+34)


The Jomu Co started off as the passion project of a self-taught calligrapher and brush-letterer before blossoming into an exciting entrepreneurship journey for Jocelyn Ang. Her brand is identified by a blend of calligraphy and lifestyle products, as she aspires to infuse personal touches into everyday essentials and gifts. Hand-made in Jocelyn’s private studio, each piece is delicately put together, handcrafted and calligraphed with love. The Jomu Co’s constant exploration of new mediums and techniques has enabled them to work with a variety of materials such as wax, soap, fabrics, acrylics, wood, ceramics, marble and paper stock. Now, The Jomu Co offers a collection of curated and calligraphy products ranging from home & living, wedding decor to gifts & favours.

Conducted by:

Ms. Jocelyn Ang from The Jomu Co